January 11th, 2017

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year to you all! I wish you all the best for 2017.

Below please find the calendar and important information for the upcoming month. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need to discuss this information in detail. We are here for you to answer your questions.

Malgosia Tarnowska
AMI Montessori Guide
Head of School

mobile: 604 406 955


Smog in Warsaw

We returned to school with a smog situation in our city. As Montessorians and Educators it is our duty to encourage you and our Community to take steps towards reducing the smog. Here are free methods that could help all of us with the prevention process: changing our car habits, changing our consumption habits and taking a stand for cleaner air. For more information please visit:

We will be definitely talking with our students about these prevention processes.
Rene van Engelen

Last week we were visited by Rene van Engelen, international coach, educator and school leader who is a specialist in negative and positive groups. We were very happy to find out from and outside observer that our 3 WMMS groups are positive ones and that our children are very happy and engaged in the educational process.

For those who could join us, it was a pleasure to meet him and to hear him confirm how important it is for the school management, staff, children and parents all to work together to make your pioneering project a success in Poland.

The first authentic Montessori middle school is well overdue here! As requested Rene’s presentation will be send to you in a separate email.

We were given some helpful advice about the communication processes with the parents and are very happy to implement it, as early as next week beginning with the information flow on our website.
Organic Garden Project

More good news is that just before Christmas, our Organic Garden Project (building a green house and animal sheds) received a grant and our students will start working on these projects in the early spring.
Christmas sale

The 5th grade students, during their economy class, made the calculations from our Christmas Sale to discover the students raised 1300PLN, that they will spend at the International Book Fair later in May. Thank you for supporting the Christmas Sale. Our students enjoyed the experience and learned how hard, but satisfying the process is.
Wet basement floor

Due to the cold weather, our basement floors are not drying as quickly as we expected. Therefore, our building crew is estimating that the basement should be ready at the end of January/beginning of February. We will be moving our locker room there and starting working on the wood shed over the winter break.
Grandparents Day

This year we will be hosting a party and PRL exhibition for our WMMS (5th, 6th and 7th grade) Grandparents on Friday, January 27th. Next week, we will send out the invitations. As we do understand that some grandparents might be coming the week before for the elementary concert, we will be more than happy to host them at any time at while they are in Warsaw. Just kindly let us know please, when would they like to visit.
Students evaluation

They will be available for your children on Friday this week (oceny proponowane) then the final assessments will be confirmed by January 27th.
Parents evening meeting and progress reports

End of the Semester Parents Evening Meeting – will be held on January 31st at 5.00. Progress Reports will then be issued.
Programming Classes

As of the next semester, we will be starting professional programming classes with our students. Mr. Marcin Piotrowicz, professional programming instructor, he has agreed to come to WMMS on Fridays for morning class 8.30-9.30. Please let us know if your child is interested to sign up. There is an option for a trial for those who are not sure about the subject. 7th grade students will get additional programming into their curriculum.
7th Grade WMMS Movie

As you may have noticed, our 7th grade students are busy with a WMMS Movie that will be produced soon according to the instructions and guidance of professional camera operator Pani Karina Kleszczewska. Once it is ready, we will be happy to place the movie on our school website.
Lunch menus/Dietitian/kitchen managers (students)

Dear Parents,

This year we are still working on our lunch menus. Their local/organic and healthy aspects need time to be perfected as each new project would. Therefore, we would kindly like to ask you for your trust and time to give us room for further growth. The lunches are healthy and delicious. You are always welcome to ask for a sample take away. The meal plans are discussed with our school dietitian, who is a big supporter of our Fast &Healthy Kitchen. Therefore, at this time we can prepare weekly lunch menu plans. We would appreciate your trust and cooperation. This year we are carefully watching the students involvement in the kitchen, their engagement and time spent each morning at Fast&Healthy. These 3 criteria are important for us staff in choosing next years student kitchen managers.
Szlachetna Paczka – Thank you letter

Once again we would like to thank you for the great community work and supporting the lovely family in Radom. We are attaching the Thank you letter from the charity organisation.

WMMS Carnival party

Our first WMMS Carnival Party will take place at Tatrzanska on Friday, February 3rd. It will be a dancing day. We will have both professional dancers coming to instruct the students and a disco party. As requested by the students they could either wear party clothes or have costumes. We will certainly speak to them about proper school party clothes, no make up etc.
Appointments and extra classes

Finally we would like to remind you that the teachers of WMMS are available for you and your children for appointments, extra classes and help according to the morning schedule (dyzury nauczycieli) – attached.
We know it is a lot of information, but we are convinced that all of these events/projects and activities taking place in our new Montessori project are beneficial for both our growth and your child’s education. Thank you for your support.
Malgosia Tarnowska and WMMS Team


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